Sang Bunda

pippo 839I am a working mother who tries to be a good wife and mother!

Working as a Business Process Specialist in telecommunications provider for about 11 years.

Then, I decided to leave the comfort zone to gain new experience in my career. Now, here I am today … working in a new office can be reached about 15 minutes from home.

More effective time for my family, and say bye-bye to commuter line 🙂
I’m spontaneous. Open Minded. Dreamer real. Romantic. BLOGcholic. JAPAN addict. Book lover. Observer. Extrovert. Forgiven but NOT FORGOTTEN 🙂

The most important thing is I love my family more than anything!

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One Response to Sang Bunda

  1. anita says:

    Salam kenal mba. Saya mampir ke blog mba sambil cari preschool di bsd. Boleh tau alamatnya briliant star dan rainbow?
    Stlh baca bbrp postingan mba…. saya br sadar kl kita pernah sekantor hihihi….
    Saya msh berkantor di samping ocean park, mba. Yg ada patung gajahnya itu looooh…. hehe

    OP: hai salam kenal mba Anita, iya saya pernah ngantor di yg ada patung gajah nya itu cuman seminggu 3 hari di sana… 2 hari lainnya di yang ada patung singa hihihih. Brilliant & Rainbow adanya di Ruko Horizon Broadway – The Icon mba.

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